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Order of the Hermetic Gold and Rose
U.S.A., Europe and Africa



Regular Convocations

As an active member, you are hereby entitled to partake of the benefits and privileges of membership. One of the most important is our regular meeting called a convocation.


This convocation is a ritualistic group meditation patterned after age-old rituals and is an effective means of psychic and spiritual nourishment since powerful cosmic vibrations are being generated which result in the healing and optimum material and spiritual success of members. In a convocation, one gets to practice certain meditative exercises, which include the chanting of powerful God-names or mantras that are known only to members of the Order. As a result, the member’s aura is enhanced and strengthened, and endowed with greater protection from illnesses, accidents and untoward events.


These are held in some areas where there are local chapters or lodges like in downtown Los Angeles and Huntsville, Alabama. Please contact the lodge near your location for the schedule and venue of the regular convocations.


Intensive Meditation

This group meditation is usually led by a senior member and does not involve any ritual. Various effective meditative techniques are performed, which also brings both physical and spiritual rejuvenation. This may be attended by all those who have been initiated through seminars or by representatives of the Rosicrucian Society, OHGR; all active and inactive members of the Order, and all those who are interested to take the initiation.


Those who wish to be initiated are advised to come early at least 30 minutes before the intensive period for orientation. Then they are allowed to attend the intensive meditation which serves as their initiation.


“Science of Mediation" Seminars

At least once a month, the seminar entitled “Science or Secrets of Meditation,” is held free-of-charge for non-members. Anyone may attend to learn how to meditate, and to know the health and psychic benefits that may be derived from meditation. Please contact the lodge of the area nearest to your location for the schedule of the seminar.


Special Seminars

Every now and then, the Imperator of the Order conducts special seminars for members only. Below are some of the topics covered in these seminars:


Healing seminar, The Kundalini Science of Babaji, Advanced Nagual techniques, Technique of the Disciple, Technique of the Master, Vipassana Meditation and the Short Path, Kybalion, Tantra, Cosmic Consciousness etc.


We hold two types of seminars: public seminars, which are free of charge and open to all, and special topic seminars for members only. Please call the lodge which is near to your location for this month’s seminar schedule.

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