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Order of the Hermetic Gold and Rose
U.S.A., Europe and Africa


An Invitation to be the master of your fate, the captain of your soul

What did Buddha, Jesus, Rumi, Lao-tzu, Mohammed, Plotinus, Zoroaster, Boddhidharma, Jacob Boehme, Pythogoras, and William Blake all have in common? They were all illumined souls, Beings who attained Cosmic Consciousness. But how did they attain it? They practiced certain esoteric techniques and they followed the path of Liberation from the cyclic wheel of birth and rebirth. The path that affords knowledge of the Self – of who we are and why we are here and Knowledge that grants Power and Wisdom, Divine Communication and Total Freedom. You too have the opportunity to learn those secret techniques pertaining to Self-mastership.


The beloved Order is a nonprofit, nonsectarian, and non-political, fraternal organization devoted to the study and dissemination of esoteric and mystical teachings gathered and preserved by the ancients throughout the ages. Come study with us.

Among its goals are to free humanity from fear, ignorance, enslavement of superstition, narrow-mindedness and to ultimately, achieve fullness of being. Truly, to make man whole, to sate his longing for true wisdom – this is the noble work to which the Rosicrucian Society, Order of the Hermetic Gold and Rose is committed. Specifically, the Order teaches its members how to:

  • Develop psychic abilities including the opening of the third eye

  • Develop a magnetic personality

  • Improve mental abilities, brainpower, creativity, and related skills

  • Stay healthy and perform psychic healing (for others as well as for oneself)

  • Attract wealth and success into one’s life

  • Attain joy, peace and Cosmic Consciousness


Benefits on joining the Order:

  • Learn techniques to develop perfect health. Lesser visit to the doctor and hospital.

  • You will be taught how to be rich and have no more financial problem.

  • You may send your children to school and travel because of extra finances, that is, if you follow the techniques taught to you.

  • Develop Extra Perception and higher consciousness. By practicing very hard, you will develop even Cosmic Consciousness and attune your mind with God.

  • The Order has a powerful aura. If you become a loyal member and do not become inactive, the spiritual aura of the Order will protect you from bankruptcy.

  • By the teaching of the Order, you will develop the aura which is prosperous, charitable.

  • You will become peers to great men of history like Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven, William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, etc.

  • And lastly, attain peace of mind.


If you are a seeker of higher things in life, you are cordially invited to JOIN our noble Order.

Please download and fill out the application form HERE. Kindly send the completed application form and your photograph with white background to


If you prefer to print and mail the application, you may send the requirements to 685 Lucas Ave. 918, Los Angeles, CA 90017. 

For one month purchase of lessons (10 USD), please choose BUY NOW. If you wish to subscribe monthly (10 USD), kindly click SUBSCRIBE NOW. You can also help with the Order's projects by donating. Please click DONATE NOW to contribute. 

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